The Hosts

CQB 1 April 14 2012Bryan Bolivar “The Conquistador”

I am relatively new to the shooting sports, having grown up with next to no firearms influences in rural Nova Scotia. I was finally introduced to shooting after relocating to Ontario, by my then soon to be father-in-law and my passion for the sport has done nothing but grow ever since.

Recently I have developed a strong interest in Service Conditions shooting. Thanks to a very understanding wife and children I have been able to indulge my new found addiction on a frequent basis over the last couple of years.

After a little bit of prodding from fellow podcasters, I decided to jump into podcasting on my own with both feet. This particular podcast will be focusing on Service Conditions shooting to bring information about this sport and how to make those black rifles really work in a competition setting while enjoying the privilege of shooting beside members of the Canadian Forces of whom we are all so proud.

Tim stud driverTim Foley “Battle Hobbit”

I grew up as a military nut from the day I fell out of the crib (likely on my head). I grew up in southern Ontario but don’t hold that against him (he now lives far north of the “centre of the universe”). I got into firearms early on in life but didn’t obtain his own license until the mid 2000’s and hence missed out on all the prohibited status’ that he could have had (too busy shooting friends guns).

I spent over five years in Armoured Reconnaissance with the Canadian Army Reserves. It was during this time that I was exposed the Ontario Rifle Association and Service Conditions competition. I also deployed as part of Joint Task Force Games for Operation Podium (The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games) working with 1 CMBG HQ. No I didn’t get to enjoy the cruise ships like the RCMP did, he was stuck in a gravel quarry instead.

After Bryan ambushed me for the big “2012 East Coast 3 Gun Road Trip” and the interviews that followed, I stayed on to ensure comedic relief and to ensure Bryan didn’t stay too serious on the shows.

dave bio pic (3)Dave Kratky “Random Dave”

I first got into shooting back in the good old days of the early 1990s when all you had to do was walk into your local police station, fill in a form and come back a few days later for your firearms license. After a decade long hiatus I started shooting and collecting again in 2008 and got into IPSC. I joined the Ontario Rifle Association and became interested in service shooting in 2010. I’ve always had a fascination with service style firearms and the physical aspects of shooting so it was a good fit for me.

While I shoot the occasional match, these days I’m generally helping to run things as a Range Safety Officer or Butts Officer.I’ve had a passion for firearms education, politics and laws ever since I lost an FN-FAL to our insane laws back in the mid 1990s. The Canadian Government owes me that rifle and I’m still upset about it. Firearms politics is about so much more than just guns.

I’m a computer technician/nerd by trade and have been the owner/operator of a computer store since 1996. I’ve also been running a webhosting and design company along side of the store since 2003. My other hobbies include laughing at my own jokes, reading, programming, paintball, witty one liners and computer gaming.

I’ve somehow picked up the nickname of “Random Dave” around here and I’m unsure as to why I’m here on the podcast but the lads seem to think I have something to offer. We’ll see how long they put up with me. 😉


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