The Show

Canadian Service Conditions Radio is a discussion of Canadian Service Conditions competitions from a (mostly) civilian participant point of view. We talk about match events, clinics, our impressions of gear, new stuff we got, stuff we want, how it worked, what we have learned, competitive challenges we have faced and how we overcame them. From time to time we also talk to other participants to get a wider range of input. Who wants to just listen to the same couple of guys over and over eh?. The show is a basically a couple of shooters talking about the sport and related topics. From time to time we also discuss other shooting events that we get to participate in. The hosts are participants, not experts, sharing their experiences and the experiences of others with you the listener. If you are already a Service Conditions shooter we hope you will listen in and enjoy what we have to share, and share your own experiences with us. If you are new to Service Conditions we hope we can give you some idea about the events and encourage you to give it a try. Those who like it, like it a lot.

What is Service Conditions

In no other country can civilians, military and law enforcement compete alongside each other with similar arms. These matches have been in place for over a hundred years with some alterations to account for changes in equipment. All events are operationally oriented as applied to a conventional range with the emphasis on marksmanship skill.

Successful Service Conditions shooters will develop fundamental marksmanship skills with handguns, precision rifles and service rifles. Shooters will challenge themselves to make solid hits on targets from various shooting positions by applying breath control, trigger control, sight alignment, wind reading and proper application of lead for moving targets all while shooting under time stress and/or with an elevated heart & breath rate.



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