CSCR Episode 37

Episode 37

This episode Bryan sits down with Ken Kowalski of the Rimfire Podcast and Modern Rifleman Radio to chat about Ken’s recent AR-15 build in 6.5 Grendel or is it 6.5 LBT or….well it’s an AR-15 that shoots 6.5mm bullets anyway. We also talk about other rifles, Ma Deuce, and touch on the value of adjustable sighting systems for rifles following a discussion with our buddy Brian Holcomb from Politics and Guns. We did not discuss the fact that hell froze over and Trevor Furlotte over at Slam Fire Radio bought a 1911 (and that his is in denial.) LOL

Oh, and we joined a new podcast network, Crusader Podcast Network. Check them out. Some great shows there.

CSCR Episode 37

Music Provided by Partners in Rhyme


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